Working with Deborah through the full assessment has been truly life changing for me, personally and in my business. Before I met Deborah, I took the Strength Finder assessment that showed my top 5 rock star strengths. While I agreed with it, I struggled with the fact that I was not accomplishing my goals. Deborah introduced me to the full 34-strength assessment, and from that, things became crystal clear. Deborah helped me understand why what I thought I should be doing was not working for me. More importantly, she showed me a way to use my mid-range strengths to accomplish the goals I set. Working with Deborah has helped me focus on my true strengths, and equally important, allowed me to give myself permission to let go of the notion that I should be different than I am. Deborah will change the way you look at yourself and show up in the world. She is in a word, “brilliant.”

Master Certified Coach

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