Because of Deborah, I have a better understanding of, not only, my strengths, but those of my teammates. This knowledge guides me in my communication style around work issues with my team. The days when I am to meet with Deborah are calming days where I focus on our conversation, the feedback and the next steps. I don’t feel stressed after my time with Deborah, but rather energized. I have a better sense of self which I allow into my work and my professional relationships – I also look at others differently based on what I perceive their strengths as. I have more direction and guidance in my daily activities.

The best way to describe it is having Deborah as a resource feels like having a parachute on the days when work and life gets unbalanced. She is very good at steering the ship and getting things back into perspective.  Deborah is a wonderful professional who really cares about the company and people that she works with. I feel like she is a mentor as much as she is a business coach.

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