Deborah has a way of getting her clients to find their better selves in their own way, rather than just telling someone what they should think about themselves. She is a coach in every sense of the word, rather than a manager; if you’re not open for coaching, her services don’t work. But if you allow her process to work, you will see changes you didn’t think possible.

I have found there is a new energy in pursuing my professional goals, like a compass pointing in the right direction. Deborah has helped me see the playing field in many ways beyond new business numbers, and I consider her a great friend.

My work with Deborah has changed my ability to earn new business in a quantifiable way. I’ve been in insurance for 18 years, I didn’t need a cold-calling coach, I needed something to take me to the next level in understanding the aspects of the sale I needed work in. For me, that has shown much more in my closing ratio, which if we’re honest is more important than anything. If I close a bigger percentage of opportunities, I can make much more happen than just blindly hoping for better results from more volume of outbound solicitation.

Deborah has helped me understand that I am stronger and better in my craft than I thought I was. The pessimism and lack of self-confidence I had before working with Deborah is gone and knowing I can walk into any appointment with the confidence I’ve gained in working with Deborah.

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