Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

You are unique unto yourself. That is to be celebrated. You offer a personal viewpoint based on a variety of elements and that viewpoint matters. If you are constantly comparing yourself, you minimize your own happiness and steal the present moment from yourself and others. 

If you aren’t happy with who you are, right where you are why is that?

People are brought up to conform to society. If you don’t fit within society’s norms  (and sometimes family culture), you are looked upon disapprovingly. However,  most people aren’t normal in the truest sense of the word. Everyone has quirks and idiosyncrasies. It’s these differences that allow us to find solutions to problems. It also keeps us from getting bored. Imagine if everyone were truly the same. There would be nothing new to discover about one another. Collaboration would be non-existent and new ideas would be minimal. 

This is not about conforming to the rules and laws that exist for your well-being.

We are talking about taking on the beliefs of others so as to fit in. When you act in ways in which others believe you should, and you have never taken the time to become clear for yourself whether or not those beliefs are true for you, you aren’t living an authentic life and there is a huge cost for that.

I know, I have done it.

Comparing yourself to others causes you to miss (and everyone in your life to miss) all that you bring as the beautifully unique and authentic person that you are inside. The you within you.

There are qualities you admire in others. There is nothing wrong with trying to adopt some of those admirable qualities for yourself. However, it shouldn’t get to the point where you are trying to redefine who you are to be like those people you admire. You aren’t them, and you aren’t meant to be.

It becomes a habit, this comparison thing and it’s high time we stop it.


Start with slowing down enough to connect to what is true for you. The question is whether something is a belief within your soul or a belief put in your soul. Once you know that, you will know what beliefs to hold and what beliefs to let go of.


Next move into appreciate for all that you are. There are a million things that are wildly wonderful about you. Create your own I AM list and add to it every day.


And last, start to make decisions and choices based on what you truly want to be/ do, or have.

Your overall confidence will increase. You’ll stress less and make more space in your mind to create life the way YOU WANT TO LIVE IT.

You have but a short time on this planet. If you spend most of that time trying to be like someone else, you are going to miss so much. If you focus on loving who and how you are, make choices for what aligns with what you truly believe, and let go of the attachment to what others think about you, you are going to experience more satisfaction on a regular basis.

Keep striving for the extraordinary,

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