The Book

HIGH explores the exquisite, many-layers-deep journey of Deborah Edwards, a woman as exceptional as she is likely to be living next door to any one of us.

Her journey involved the harrowing navigation of her teenaged son’s heroin addiction – an addiction that arrived on the heels of death, divorce, bankruptcy, and an overall questioning of her purpose.

Eye-opening and thought-provoking, High is equal parts honest memoir and opportunity for expansion. It is the story of how one woman learned that loving another through their addiction is based in the practice of presence, holding boundaries with belief, and patient love. That every circumstance – whether beautiful or treacherous – is there for our personal gain. That listening observantly and living experientially while vigorously pursuing your path and your truth will allow you to uncover a beauty in yourself that you never before knew existed.

More than just one woman’s story, High is an opportunity for you to widen the lens through which you observe life, yourself, and others as well as inspect your circumstances more curiously, unlocking an unprecedented level of gratification.

( Fly Free, A Letting Go Meditation )

“You can be empowered or disempowered. The switch is always yours to flip” – HIGH: Page 13

A Letter To The Reader

Dear Reader,

It’s ugly, the story of addiction, and simply too much for the majority of people to fully understand or even deal with.  The easier thing, the more comfortable thing is to qualify it, judge it, label it and dismiss it.  This is sadly the norm.  

We chose early on to be as open as we could in each moment knowing we would encounter some of this judgment.  The risk of rejection is minimal when your why is enormous – and our why was so that others could: 

  • Get real and begin talking instead of hiding.

  • Perhaps learn from our experiences.

  • Gain hope, strength, and courage,

  • And Forgive, including forgiving yourself.

I have believed for most of my life that There is purpose in what we experience. I see all experiences, the good, the bad, and the god awful as opportunities for our individual evolution and so we may be a forerunner for others.  That is why we are getting so vulnerable, that is why we are sharing our story. I thought it would be most effective for you to go on this journey from each of our viewpoints – what was happening in my reality and what was happening in his.  So, throughout the book, you will hear from Andrew, from the perspective of his experience.  I also share excerpts from my journals to give you a sense of where I truly was at that moment in time. 


Our hope is that you find hope, strength, and courage for yourself here on these pages.  

With great love in my heart, 

Deborah G Edwards

Let Go...

Fly Free, A Letting Go Meditation

We have created three (3) versions of this meditation for you. Each will give you a different experience.

The Author

It’s lovely to meet you—I’m Deborah.

Leadership coach. Professional development consultant. Champion for the underestimated, overworked, and seriously stressed.

Long before I found my calling in the world of coaching and consulting, I worked in the insurance industry holding roles that ranged from basic underwriting support and sales to leadership. Throughout that journey, I developed a keen awareness of the struggles so many of us face in the corporate world—from feeling overstretched and under-appreciated to being entirely unsure of how to bring out the best in your team.
Then came 2012 when some major shifts in my life led me on an unexpected pursuit of powerful self discovery (complete with a new personal email address that included the line “flyin free”). For the longest time, I grew up believing other people had some sort of secret sauce that I simply wasn’t born with. It wasn’t until my self-awareness journey led me to identify with and deploy the talent I possessed that I began to achieve things I wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible (turns out, the secret sauce was in me all along).

That path of discovery completely shifted the way I saw things—it helped me understand what I wanted out of my years on this planet, what things in life triggered my interests and ignited my vitality, and

which things depleted and drained me. To say finally gaining clarity on those items was life-changing is to say I’m sort of a fan of chocolate or a long walk in the woods (major understatement). From there, I had two choices: I could go back to everyday life as an employee in the insurance industry—or I could use what I learned about the power of embracing your unique strengths to help others destress, get unstuck, heal, elevate, and achieve. The calling was clear, and the choice was effortless. (I went with the latter, in case that wasn’t clear by now.) I am madly in love with what I get to do professionally and I am beyond grateful that I did the work back in 2012 to unpack it all so I could really start living an authentic life. I hope the same for you.  If you’re curious you can also learn more by going to my website I also have a bunch of freebies you can find here: (coming soon)

Forever holding loving boundaries with bold belief! 

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