Hi, I'm Deborah

I help sales and leadership executives connect to their own unique strengths

to cultivate the professional wins they’ve been waiting for and personal wholeness they’ve been craving.

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You deserve a life free from “SHOULD” and full of SATISFACTION.

Pressures and doubts are terrible party guests (not to mention bad for business). Let’s show them the door and let in something eye-opening and effective instead, shall we?

The Power of Your Strengths

My Gift to You

Get a copy of my eBook to gain a deeper understanding of the power of strengths in individual and team performance.

My comprehensive, action-based EXECUTIVE COACHING programs, workshops, and consulting services focus on so much more than simply strengths.

We’ll hone in on your full sequence—tapping into your distinct talents, getting to the heart of your goals, and addressing seemingly small voids that can lead to massive depletion—ultimately helping you become crystal-clear about your next steps, reduce stress, and find a greater sense of professional and personal fulfillment.

Let's Work Together

1:1 Coaching

Finally—an organized, effective, and empowering leadership program built around you, your company, and your goals.


Fascinating stories, high-impact tips, and inspiring messages that help audiences own their strengths and excel because of it.


Eye-opening, game-changing sessions that help leaders and business executives become better coaches who cultivate bigger wins.


High explores the exquisite, many-layers-deep journey of Deborah G Edwards. Eye-opening and thought-provoking, High is a beautiful transparent memoir of overcoming.

Hi, I'm Deborah

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Points Of You® Certified Expert and Trainer, author of The TwelveX Professional Development Program, and award-winning speaker—there is nothing I love more than having a front-row seat to the evolution of another human being.

Every day through my custom-tailored executive coaching programs and tools, I work to help executives break free from the corporate cage they’re trapped in, discover and connect to their truest selves, find more autonomy in their role, and stand boldly in who they are and what they bring to the conference table.

You’re wired beautifully–I’m talking FULL-SPECTRUM, FULL-STOP, PHENOMENAL.

“Life is a playground—and I want to help you make the most of it. Because fulfilled and at-ease beat stressed and stuck spinning your wheels any day of the week.”

But it’s when you’re forced to adapt to a one-size-fits-all professional approach that those wires get crossed and you begin to feel out of balance, uninspired, endlessly exhausted, and unsure of how to realize the powerful potential you know is within you.

As someone who’s sky-high cost of inauthenticity—I use the lessons I’ve learned along my journey to help teams and individuals elevate, align and achieve as a result of intentionally embracing their honest, incredible self.

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